Welcome to the new site

1 minute read

I registered this domain many years ago as a place to keep my thoughts and document my learnings as I moved into the IT industry. The site had been running on a WordPress install for most of its life.

Last week, the hosting provider running my blog had a catastrophic failure that resulted in me losing all of the content from my server. Now you’d think that this would be ok, because I have backups of everything right? Well yes and no, yes I had backups of the critical things, but it seems that the MySQL database running the WordPress install was not being backed up.

I have some backups from a year ago, but instead of recovering the WordPress install, I have decided to move to a simpler blogging platform, that lets me run the site as a fully static solution, and one that works better with my modern understanding of development tools.

This is the first post on the site, using https://jekyllrb.com/ and https://mmistakes.github.io/ theme.

I’ll be working to back-port all of the posts from the old blog here over the next few months, there is over 400 posts dating back to 2005. It’ll be a good walk down memory lane and the pain I need to pay for not having a fully recoverable site up and running.