Sample SpringMVC starter application

less than 1 minute read

Getting started on any project or technology is a surprisingly hard task. Once you have a codebase setup you can easily extend it by finding an existing example of how you have done something and copy from it. But when there is nothing I find I spend a lot of time just getting some basic plumbing working.

We have been playing with a lot of different and new technology at work in the last month, and I want to ensure all of that research and learning was not quickly lost.

Tarcio has a quickstart application on github, which inspired me to do the same.

I have published the first project, a very simple SpringMVC application and have added my first extension to it, a simple SiteMesh configuration, which is available as a branch off the base SpringMVC starter project.

I’m going to add some more branches relating to other complimentary technologies soon:

  • Angular
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Hibernate
  • Backbone