Out for biking again

Sharkey and I headed out for our regular ride, I can call it regular can’t I it has been 2 weeks in a row. So anyway we headed out after work like usual leaving FTG and met up at knox and headed out the same path as usual, down the track to Jells Park then on towards Dandinong.

We seem to have this magic distance of 18ks, as it seems no matter where we start or where we ride get get abou 18ks before deciding to turn around. Today was no different, still 18k’s for a round trip of just over 36. I really want to work on getting to 20k’s each way in the next week and then add an extra 2-3 each week or fortnight.

Plans will be to head out on a much longer trip at some stage, something like a trip to Carrum and back, which from our place is probably like 80-90k’s.

What else today, headed into the city for a couple of meetings, was really nice to take the time in on the Tram then stroll around the city to each of the meetings.

We really are lucky to live in such a great city, the CBD is really cool and its been a while since I’ve been in there but still amazes me each time I head in to the city and look up at the buildings. Cool.

Today’s special code is: 103 +U


Merry Janbloguary

I’m not one for New Years resolutions but seeing as this blog is in serious need of content I decided that I’d try something different. Its been cool this year to look back at the past years posts and see how things have changed and whats still the same. So to try and get some content here I decided I’d try and blog each day of Janurary and see if it works. So heres the commitment, as long as I’m home on in contact with the internet I’ll make sure to get a post up.

So given i’ve already failed, as this is the first post on the 2nd I’ll make it a big one, wrap up the end of 2006 and include today.

New Years was at Matt and Kylies with all the normal crew, plus the 2 new additions to our crew, Alanah and Kaitlyn. Great night, we left about 2 for the drive home so got to bed after 3:00….

Most of New Years day was in bed recovering from….. partying… yep thats what it called..

So today was back to work, had the last week or so off (give or take a day) all the crew were there. I actually got some work done, we’re working on V2 of the Editorial system, and as ususal I’m holding up the project. It doesn’t work to be some sort of manager dude and try and cut code too. I’m to busy in meetings, writing plans or something else, but I think thats slowing down and get more time to do real developer dude stuff.

Last night got updated version of utils, waf and waf-plugins out, might write the release notes for that soon, but also thinking about an ant task that automatically creates the post and uploads it, I already have the rest of the release process automated, one last step.

Umm what else.. Not much at work, recorded the review for this week, and watched the raw video of the other weeks right odds that we recorded as a sort of pilot..

Headed home on time for once, and as my previous post shows I’ve got back on the bike again. The plan for tonight was to meet up with Sharkey and get some more K’s under the belt.. Yep thats right, a Tuesday night. Had a good ride around 2hrs and got another 30ish kms done. We plan to try and get out each Tuesday night, with bigger plans every weekend or so.

Anywho, think thats about it.. Might try and get 30 mins in on WOW before bed.


First Ride in a While

Its been a while since Sharkey and I have got out on the bike, but after a big chrissy lunch I knew it had to be soon.

This one turned out a bit more eventful than the trip to Jells Park we planned.

We had organised to meet at Knox, as its on a track that leads to Jells Park and its about 3 ks from each of our houses. I was running a bit late and noticed my tyres were a bit down but not enough to cause harm so I decided to get to Knox then pump the tires there.

Got to Knox in good time, met Sharkey in our usual place and pulled over to pump up the tyres.. Then hisssssssss.

It seems that either riding on the flattish tyres of wear and tare had torn a whole in the valve and so now I had one completely flat front tyre. In my infinate wisdom I didn’t bring any cash so we decided to see if I could leave my bike at the bike store then run/ride home get some cash, get a new tube and head off.

But the great staff at Goldcross (?) replaced the tube and let me come back later to pay for it.

So after a 37.68km ride (including the planned trip to Jells Park) I have a new tube for the front and tyre for the back.. and yes I did also purchase a spare to keep on the bike.

bike on.

Weekend Wrapup – Late

I know its a bit late, but heres the wrapup of the the weekend.

Friday night, a quiet on watching the footy, bed earlyish for a Friday night.

Saturday we got up early, Rach went to the chiro then we headed on up to see some of the family in Nathalia..  Got up there just after lunch and headed to the local footy to catch up with the family and the newest inclusion Zoe. We left the footy late, hoping to get back in Melbourne by 6:00, but we only left Nathalia just after 5:00.

We got back to Melbourne late, as we had a 40th birthday to get to at 7:00 and we weren’t even home by 7:00. A quick rush to get ready saw us at the party around 8:00.  As it was from Rach’s side of the family I didn’t know too many people, but found the TV to watch the swans and the crows with all the other guys there.

We didn’t stay too late, I think it was about 11:30 when we left, just after cake!

Sunday was another packed day, up early to be at Sharkeys for 9:30 and a quick ride to nearly Jells Park and back.  Matt had to be home for 11:30, so after doing 15k’s we turned around to make it a nearly complete Jells Park ride of just over 30k’s.  We did it in pretty good time, only taking just under 1.5hrs for the ride.

After the ride, I was straight back off home as I was going to the footy and wanted to be out of the house by 1:00.  I had an hour or so to shower, change, feed and work on my new project (FeedListener).  Keep tuned here over the next few weeks for more info.

Then it was off to the footy to see the pies go down to the dockers, but probably only due to poor kicking and the umpires.. I’ll say no more.

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Cold Saturday Morning Ride

Sharkey organised an early morning ride on Saturday morning, I had great hopes that we would be heading on our Springvale Rd, Eltham, Bourke Rd trip, but was informed that Katherine didn’t want to do roads as she has a new bike with clip in pedals and is having issues getting her feet out of them.

So the plan was to head off from my place at about 8:30, but as usual Katherine was late and so we eventually left just before 9:00.  BRRRR.. It was cold.

There was a chance of rain so for the first time EVER I decided to head out with a jacked on.  I know, a bit of a woos. But it was the best decision I made.

We headed off and met Katherine down the road, then went out along the eastern all the way along to the Chandler Hwy then over the hill to the Fairfield boat house for a quick drink then the return trip.

We ended up out of the rain, missed it by an hour or so, but still had the cold.  All in all a great ride. 

Nearly forgot, that on the way back past the Elgar park football ground, I saw that my brothers footy team (the Eley Park Sharks) were playing, so left Sharkey and Katherine to head home while I hung around to watch Mark play the 1st quarter.  They dominated the first quarter being 7–3 to 0–1 at quarter time.

It was a bit cold, and if I hung around much longer the body probably would have seized up, so I trundled off home to have a shower and got back to the game in time to see the 3rd and 4th quarters.  By this time the Sharks had really extended their lead, and eventually ran out winners by about 20 goals.  That 120 points for the readers out there that don’t know the AFL scoring system. (An utter flogging)

So it was a good ride, that totalled about 38k’s, a good win for my brothers team and a good excuse to blog.


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Jells Park ride

Just finished a ride to Jells Park and back, it was a pretty good ride there, seemed like we were flying and we made good time, but it was when we turned around to come back that we realised why.  A serious tail wind, which now was a serious head wind.

That said, we pushed pretty well through it and made good time doing the 36 odd K’s in just under 2 hours, which is a good effort for us, especially in the cold of winter that we have.


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Yet another Jells Park trip

Heading off this morning, a bit later than planned, we found out that its cold this time of year in Melbourne.  After last weeks decent ride, we didn’t want to cheat ourselves and so decided to Actually make it to Jells park this week.

The ride was relatively calm, with little wind and not too many others on the path.  We made pretty good time, only stopping for the red light crossing Burwood Hwy.

We rolled into Jells park, and decided not to stop so just continued on around the lake and back home.  Instead of just following the same track back, we decided to take the alternate route that goes up and along Stud Rd.

This detour was about the same length as the normal track, except that its up and down Stud Rd.  We ended up back by 1:00, so about a 2 hr ride, and given that it was 35k’s not a bad effort.

I had a heap left in the tank and would have liked to do another 5–10k’s to really round out the ride.  But it was good to do another serious stint in the saddle, I think this back to back riding makes it much easer as time goes on.

Catch up

Been a while since the last post, things are hectic at work as we are pushing towards getting the new stuff out the door so this post aims at recapping all the stuff thats been happening.

Went for a ride with Sharkey yesterday, did our big eltham circut, which head from my place up to the eastern freeway, along that east till we get to springvale rd then up along springvale rd till it ends.  There is then a trail (the yarra creek trail I think) that winds its way west underneath eltham and all the way up to burke rd.  The trail then turns south and links back up with our normal trail along the eastern which we then take back east to my place.  Its about a 45km trip, which we did in just under 3 hours.  We did stop a couple of times to watch some local footy and hockey so would probably be 2.5 hrs if we hadn’t stopped.

It was a much more serious ride than we have been doing recently, but the type of thing that we should be doing all the time.  Once we got over the initial 10k mark the body had warmed up and it got easier from there.  Only the last 5k which is up and down was a bit hard, but I’d hope that it was after 40k or we should be riding further.

So what else is going on.. Crickscore is back. I had an issue with the database corrupting and had to get help from the guy that built the database software to fix the errors.  So a big thanks to Toby and his Mckoi database

Given that Cooltools is on a break this season it wasn’t super important to get Crickscore back, but now it is it must be time to do some serious interface work.  We’ll see how time goes over the next few weeks.

Downloaded KnoppMyth to try it out.  Was ok, couldn’t get the Australian channels to load but the install was pretty painless..  Good to see development making this sort of technology more like an appliance. Now all I need is a machine capable of running MythTV happily and I’ll be happy.

After playing with KnoppMyth, by torrent download of Fedora Core 4 (FC4) was complete, so decided to install that on my test machine.  Yeah its nice. Got the latest firefox pre-installed and Gnome looks really cool..  I’ve been a kde guy for a long time, but on this install left Gnome as the default.  I really like the menu bar and task bar separation. And the UI-themeing looks really clean.

The only problem with FC4 is that is so new that the apt-get repository’s haven’t been updated yet, to even a point that the apt-get rpm from freshrpms.net hasn’t even been build.  But I can wait.

I’m planning on updating my main server, the one u got this from, from an older Redhat 9 release to the latest FC4.  Just need to plan a backup first, just in case.

So what else has been going on???  Went and saw the Bahrs last night.  Good to catch up with them again, its been a while since we have.  Jessica (the latest to the clan) is so small and cute and Rach looked right at home with a new baby in her arms…

Not much else, and I think thats probably enough for now.  I’ll try and get back soon with more details.

Oh, one last thing is that I’m working on a new whitesquare software development site.  Thinking of using a blog engine to distribute news about all of the whitesquare products..  The current trial is over at dev.whitesquaresoft.com and I hope to get some content and the current beta downloads up in the next few days.

C ya!

Partial Jells Park Trip

Headed over to Sharkeys this morning for a bit of a spin to Jells Park. It was a great day for riding, except for the wind, and it seems we weren’t the only people with the idea.

We passed more people on the trail today than we usually would in an entire month. Lots of friendly and happy hellos as we passed people on bikes, with dog, running or just out for a stroll.

We decided to not do the entire Jells Park trip, as I had to get home and get lunch organised. So it was only 22.13km for the trip, but with the head wind on the way back, we felt the ride.

As this site will show, its been a while since the last ride, so was good to just get out and about again.  This arvo the Pies play Melbourne for the annual Queens Birthday clash, so now its time to fire up the BBQ, get the radio on and hope the boys can make it 4 in a row.