A better way to use Google Reader

I read a lot of blog and website feeds, and by far and away Google Reader is the product I’ve spent the most of my time in.  It works on all of my machines, is centralised so once I add a feed it appears everywhere, and when I’ve read something its read everywhere.

Of course it is, you say, its just a website that hosts my feeds and shows them to me.  And that’s its power.

But I’m now seeing the limitations of it.  You see, at work I don’t have a lot of time to read the in-depth posts and so want to file them for later use.  But once I scroll past the post its lost..  That is its marked as read, and unless I change the view to show them all I can’t see them.

So what I want is a way to flag an item as interesting, but I just don’t have time to read it yet.

Google Reader has the “Star” that is famous with all Google products, so the answer should be just “Star” the items, and come back to the “Star”d items later.

But I wanted to use the star as really good articles that I want to come back to later on.

What I really want is to be able to tag an item as “read-later”, and only if I explicitly remove this flag will it not appear.

I guess sort of like star, but for a different purpose.

I might try and use “Star” for that purpose, and tag the other items as “cool stuff” for later review.

Lets see how I go.  Any suggestion on a better way to use Google Reader, please let me know.