Building and installing mod_jk

I can never remember where mod_jk’s sources are and the way to build it, so here is a quick reference for me to remember.

To use aspx install the httpd-devel package via apt-get

Apache mod_jk
# cd /usr/local/src
# wget
# tar xzvf jakarta-tomcat-connectors-current-src.tar.gz
# cd jakarta-tomcat-connectors-1.2.10-src
# cd jk/native
# ./configure -with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs
# make
# make install

We’re done and moved

Over the last weekend Rach and I relocated our humble abode just down the street.

We’re still in blackburn, just in behind laburnum station now.

Big thanks to all that helped us move, it was so much easier with all the hands helping.

Now time to plan the housewarming party, and the next poker night.

PodShow Receives $8.85M

PodShow Receives $8.85M from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sequoia Capital and Sherpalo Ventures

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. August 16, 2005 – PodShow, Inc., today announced $8.85M in strategic investments from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sequoia Capital and Sherpalo Ventures. PodShow is the breakthrough business that is at the epicenter of the podcasting revolution, providing directories, community, technology and content programming that have helped to make podcasting the most explosive media innovation since the introduction of the web browser.

Wow, it seems that all of this podcasting became a little bit more real today with the announcement from podshow.  It looks like Adam Curry really wants to be a power player in this industry and now has some financial backing to ensure that Apple doesn’t capture all of the cookies and keep them for itself.

I’ll be interested in seeing the develpoment of podcasting now.  So it really must be time for me to get the first beta of FeedListener into the wide world..  Hmmmm just when to find the time.


My First Poker Night


I’m running my first poker night tomorrow with some of the guys from work and a couple of mates.  The plan is to get round the table with some beers and pizza, have the footy on in the background and get into some card action. I’m suggesting we play Texas Holdem, not some sort of stud.

I think a heap of us have been watching the WPT on tv and got the itch to play some poker ourselves.  So I got organised, picked up some chips sent a few emails and got a serious response of interest. DSCN1040

So the game is on, we have the cards, the chips the players the beer and the pizza can be ordered.

We are just playing for fun at the moment, but if some of the guys want to take it to a financial game, I’m sure that we can cater for that too.

My play is to try and play each fortnight, rotating the hosting duties amongst our houses to make it easier for everyone.  Now its just time to sit and wait and see how it all goes.

I guess as this is our first go at poker I better find some rules and instructions to print out so we are all playing on the same page.


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What is DIGG?

I recently stumbled upon a site called DIGG and have been playing with it. This is a quick review of my initial thoughts on the product.

So what is Digg? In short its a “social news site”.  This site allows the anyone, yes you and me, to submit news items to the site. Others then come and browse these items with the ability to mark the items as popular and if they become popular enough the items will appear on the home page.

Digg state that you can: Digg stories that you think are cool. Once a story receives enough diggs from people like you it will be promoted to the front page.

It works by people adding articles to the site, then others browsing this set of articles for things that they “dig”. The user can then “dig” the article by clicking on a link incrementing its value by 1.  Once enough people dig the article it gets added to the front page, and from there more people get alerted to it and dug some more.  This social system works in much the same way that Slashdot does, but without the editors.

The other cool function is that each of the users have a page that shows what they dug.  To see what I have recently dug checkout my digg page and even dig your own. You also have the ability to add friends and see what your friends have dug.  All the cool things to come to expect from these new “social website’s”.

On a technical note, it seems to use some nice javascript to increment the digg count, notice sometimes when you dig a story it increments by more than one.  I assume it submits the dig to the server which returns the new dig amount, if others have dug the story in between viewing the page and clicking the link the value will be higher and so the new value shown.


Weekend Wrapup – Late

I know its a bit late, but heres the wrapup of the the weekend.

Friday night, a quiet on watching the footy, bed earlyish for a Friday night.

Saturday we got up early, Rach went to the chiro then we headed on up to see some of the family in Nathalia..  Got up there just after lunch and headed to the local footy to catch up with the family and the newest inclusion Zoe. We left the footy late, hoping to get back in Melbourne by 6:00, but we only left Nathalia just after 5:00.

We got back to Melbourne late, as we had a 40th birthday to get to at 7:00 and we weren’t even home by 7:00. A quick rush to get ready saw us at the party around 8:00.  As it was from Rach’s side of the family I didn’t know too many people, but found the TV to watch the swans and the crows with all the other guys there.

We didn’t stay too late, I think it was about 11:30 when we left, just after cake!

Sunday was another packed day, up early to be at Sharkeys for 9:30 and a quick ride to nearly Jells Park and back.  Matt had to be home for 11:30, so after doing 15k’s we turned around to make it a nearly complete Jells Park ride of just over 30k’s.  We did it in pretty good time, only taking just under 1.5hrs for the ride.

After the ride, I was straight back off home as I was going to the footy and wanted to be out of the house by 1:00.  I had an hour or so to shower, change, feed and work on my new project (FeedListener).  Keep tuned here over the next few weeks for more info.

Then it was off to the footy to see the pies go down to the dockers, but probably only due to poor kicking and the umpires.. I’ll say no more.

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