Movie: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Went to see the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy with Matthew.  The plan was to go and watch Star Wars, but he had already seen that, and Rach was going to her mums.. 

Seeing as the movie was about to finish its run, we decided to head to Forest Hill and see one of the remaining screenings..  We got to the 9:40 screening, and were 2 of 13 people in the cinema to watch it.

Not being a big fan of that world, I expected the movie to not be that great, and all though there is basically no plot to the movie, it was very entertaining and had some seriously funny scenes.

If u havn’t seen it, and have a slight interest in the sci-fi world, then I’d recommend checking it out.  I’m not sure how it stacks up to the book as I’ve never read it, but it was entertaining all the same.

Testing BlogJet 16 Beta1

87753JoQN_wI’ve just got the latest BlogJet beta. I logged an issue that images were missing a slash (/) when posting embedded images.  This meant that I had to re-download the post and manually edit the html to add the slashed back in.

But hopefully this has been fixed in the new release of BlogJet, so now I’m testing to see if the fix has worked.. 

I had to find an image to post, and this was something I had lying around… so lets see…

1…. 2….. 3…. publish.


Update: As you can see the image is still broken..  I’ll leave it broken incase the BlogJet developers want to see a live posting with the image broken..  It’s pretty easy to explain, but at least here is an example.

Pies make it 3 in a row

Its now been 2 days since Collingwoods win in round 11 and I’m sure that I’m not the only one whos still talking about the win and happy to see the boys not only winning, but playing great football.

As it was a Pies home game I was there, but the story surrounding the night is a bit more complex than usual.  This week we played the Cats on Friday night at the Telstra Dome.  Gaynor is a Cats member and decided to organise a group of Cats and Pies people to go watch the game together.  So there were a heap organised to go.  Puss, Anita, Dave, Nicola, Gaynor and Me, along with a couple of others from Gaynors work.

But in the process of planning Friday night, Puss found out that the game was a sellout and we all wouldn’t be able to go..  But as Gaynor and I were members we should have been able to get in as long as we were there early enough to get a seat.

So the plan was for Gaynor and I to meet at about 5:30 and find a seat somewhere.

That all changed when I got a call from work and Kate said that there were 3 Medallion Club tickets available for the game if I was interested.. Was I interested… of course I was..  So I picked up the tickets from Scott in the city and he told me that they were the best seats in the place..  I wasn’t too sure about that but when I got there and met up with Gaynor we soon saw that they were.

Level 2 seats 52 and 53 in Row A, asile 13..  Thats front row, level 2 directly on the wing. I’ve got some photos, but there from my phone so not sure how good they will be.  I also can’t put them up here yet as I don’t have the IR cable for the phone, but i’ll post them soon.

Anywho, onto the game..  And what a great game it was..  We kicked away early and it was only a late charge in the first quarter that made it look a lot closer than it really was.

But it was the second quarter that we opened up kicking 6.4 to geelongs 1.2.  So in for a beer at 1/2 time feeling great sitting on a 7 goal lead.

As expected the Cats came out hard after the long break and clawed the gap back to 5 goals heading into the final quarter, and all tho the cats did win the final quarter by a goal we still ran out victors by 4 goals.

Final Scores:
Collingwood   5.2  11.6  14.11  18.13  (121) Geelong   3.3  4.5  9.10  14.12  (96)

A great game, well played by Didak kicking 5 straight and really opening up the forward line.  So now we wait till the Queens Birthday game against Melbourne next Monday.  Lets hope we can make it 4 in a row.

My return may have lead to disaster

Ok, so thats a bit dramatic, but I was a key in our loss.  I’ll start from the start.  Last night I played my first game of soccer with the boys this season, so its been 4–5 weeks since the last run.

I was feeling pretty good, no aches or pains and expected to run out a good game.  The game started at 6:00 and most of us were there by about 5:30.  We had a good run around b4 the game and got nice and warm (a bit much possibly).

I started on the bench for the first half and we looked ok, they had a fillin guy who was waaaay to good, but that was ok as their other players were on a par standard with us.  We played well but had a few goals scored on us (4) in the first half.  I can say that at least 2 were probably my fault.  This is where I get the disaster idea from…

I got caught so many times either standing still and letting them or the ball just sail by me, not chasing or putting any pressure on them.. No real excuse but slack..

So I tried to learn from that and put some effort into tagging/manning up someone at all times in the second half, and I thought my game improved due to that fact..

Also my forward/attacker role is in serious need of work..  How many times did Kev get the ball out of goals to me on my own for me to just miss it and stuff up..

Anywho, we did kick 2 goals to 1 in the second half to give us a 5–3 loss..  Not too bad, but lots of room for improvement.  We’ll see when the next game I play if I listen to my own advice..